September 06, 2012

Fluffy Tender Pancakes no buttermilk, use sour cream

 I LOVE iHop pancakes! I strive to make a pancake that taste like iHop, however I notice that it's been impossible for me to get that exact taste. I think its because of the ingredients they use. Not that I have the know how of how their recipe goes, however I think they use imitation butter or a margin type butter and not real butter, which I use real butter. However this recipe is very close to tasting like iHop, and the best thing, My Little Cupcake ATE THE PANCAKE! My daughter refuses to eat pancakes, I don't know why??? I LOVE them! So when she ate them, I said this is a keeper!

Great thing about this recipe is you do not need buttermilk! I don't usually have it in my fridge, and when I have the urge to make pancakes I get disappointed. This was my solution, sour cream. I am sure its not exactly the same taste and I will have to try buttermilk. However "why?" when I made this recipe?

Dry Ingredients
1 & 1/4 cup of All Purpose Flour
1/8 tSp salt (I use sea salt)
1 tSp baking powder
1 tSp baking soda
1/4 cup of sugar

Wet Ingredients
1/2 cup half and half
1/2 cup of 2% milk plus 2 tBsp of milk (if needed)
1/2 cup of sour cream
1/2 tSp vanilla extract (I use trader joes version)
1 egg beaten
2 tBsp melted butter

In one bowl mix all dry ingredients together. In another bowl mix all wet ingredients, EXCEPT the melted butter and extra 2 tBsp of milk. Combine the dry ingredients with the dry ingredients and mix with a whisk until combined. Let batter sit for 15 minutes.

Melt butter, I just place in microwave for 15 seconds, and take it out right before it is completely melted then stir with spoon, this get it the perfect temperature. Then add butter to mixture, stir it around. If batter is to thick, which mine was, add the extra milk one tablespoon at a time. I prefer a thinner batter and like how they cook much better.

pre-heat your pan on a medium high heat, then turn down to a medium temperature. If you use a non-stick pan, I do not use oil or butter. I place batter on a dry pan. If you use a cast iron skillet, wipe down with a little oil, then go over it again with a paper towel.

I use 1/3 cup of batter per pancake. Pour into middle and then lightly twist your pan around to help spread batter don't need to be aggressive, very lightly.

Cook pancake until lots of bubbles have formed and a nice golden brown, then flip to other side. You wont need to cook as long once you flip it, let cook for 30 seconds then check the bottom for color.

If your pancakes are not coloring properly you may need to turn up the heat a little. Just do this after you remove the pancake and before you add more batter.

I cooked 1st pancake (on right), did not like the stiffness, added the extra milk and got a better texture (left).


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