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This blog was meant to track my time as a stay at home mom and how I'm learning to live from scratch on a new budget. This blog is not about my writing skills! My focus is giving my tips and ideas I'm learning along the way in starting my life over in a new economy and as a "New Mom". I take lots of pictures with my camera phone, it's not a fancy camera. I don't setup fancy photo shoots (typically) what you see here is what we are eating for a meal or something we are using personally.

In order to keep me at home I am endeavoring to find a way to make extra income. Please visit my Etsy shop My Cupcake Inspiration @ ETSY

I worked full-time starting at 18 years old and decided to move to Long Island, NY as a Nanny! This is where I met My Mr.Tasteful (hubby). Fast forward 15 years later, after having our Little Miss Cupcake in 2010 we decided I would stay home for various reasons. However our income was cut in half and my goal was to learn how to live on a tight budget while finding contentment with what we have. Its been a bumpy journey with its mistakes but I also have learned what works for us.
I am originally from Oregon and Mr.Tasteful is from Long Island, NY. After 10 years together in New York we moved to Florida and stayed there for over three years. Once we had our Little Cupcake we decided to move back to my hometown in Oregon. Because of these big moves we gave up most of our possessions and find ourselves starting from scratch.

I have always loved to cook and I am constantly testing out my recipes on other people (mainly my family). I am also teaching myself to bake from scratch. I never liked baking because it took to much time, now I have the time. My goal is not to be an expert in everything, just find at least 14 recipes that are my signature recipes that I can pass down to my Little Cupcake.

I have learned to stick with a budget routine. Having a budget routine allows us to enjoy the times when we can go out to eat or splurge on a special dinner at home. Before our income level changed we just spent our money on what we wanted without much concern of a budget. We now focus on our "needs" and not our "wants". It's been a HUGE adjustment to learn how to live our lives with less and what real "needs" are vs "wants". Of course everyone has their own expectations and choices of what's important for their families needs. We question all our choices we make when it comes to spending money "how will this effect our gas budget" "how will this effect our food budget for the week". It's been a bumpy ride with mistakes along the way. However with these changes you change your attitude and hopefully for the better.

I focus on whats most important to me and try to put that first before all else.
Doing all this with a toddler takes time to learn but your need to learn fast! So I welcome you to follow me on this journey!

While reading my blog you will find I refer to family & friends with nicknames. Here is a list of the following nicknames for reference

Hubby: Mr.Tasteful (My Mr.Darcy from Pride and Prejudice)
Daughter: My Little Cupcake
My Mom & Dad: Papa & Mama Bear
Brother: Einstein
Sister In law (brothers wife) Mrs.Audrey - as Audrey Hepburn
Sister in-law 1 - Nightingale - shes a nurse
Sister in-law 2 - Professor - shes a teacher
Sister in-law 3 - Tinker-Bell
Brother in-law 1 - Beast - x-men
Brother in-law 2 - Hulk
Brother in-law 3 - Spider Man

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