July 19, 2012

Cream & Red Tutu Dress (no-sew)

(recycling lightly/clean clothes into no-sew tutu dresses) 

The original dress was sized for 18 month old girl, it has been recycled into this adorable cream & red no-sew tutu dress. The original dress was lightly used with no stains or damage. It has been washed (use: All Free & Clear detergent) and then re-purposed with the no-sew tutu. The no-sew tutu dress is attached as one piece, with satin lining. The no-sew tutu is hand sewn in a away for it to stretch once dress is put on so it fits properly. Because I am using recycled clothing the stitching is fragile and not with "finished" machine stitching. The back of the top has three buttons and a red bow. The bottom is shimmer cream tulle with six flat (non shimmer) red  tulle mixed around. The back has all red tulle to complete the look.

***please note this is a "no-sew tutu" it can not be washed, it will destroy tutu. If you choose to wash, you can spot wash, but please note: wash at your own risk.*****

The dress will fit measurements for an 18 month old child. My cupcake modeled the dress therefore dress is short on her because she is 34inch tall.
Dress length from waist is 12inch
Top to bottom dress is 16inch
Waist is  20inch (21 completely stretched)

 (photo edited w/ Instagram)

 (please note string on sleeve was removed)

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