February 24, 2012

What was I thinking? Pictures are gone.

I want to apologize that I no longer have many pictures on my blog. I really like to make sure I have pictures for as many steps as possible. This blog is not for those talented cooks/bakers, its for newbies learning how to cook or try new things for the first time.

Well I will tell you being this is my first blog page I am learning as I go how to manage this blog. I dont know what I was thinking but I had uploaded many of the photos however I was trying to figure out that webpage and I deleted all my pictures! I didn't think much of it until I came to my blog to see all my pics are gone too! Ugh!!!! So I will have to redo many of these post with new pictures. I wish I had a camera instead of just my cell phone! But hopefully I can change that soon too.

Thanks for reading!
New Mom

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